Using the latest in dealer level diagnostic equipment , we are able to turn off service lights and diagnose and repair any other issues that you may have.

From Fitting a bulb to repairing an engine the utmost care and professionalism is taken ensuring that you receive the personal touch you and your vehicle deserves, no job is too big or small.

We are the only Woking garage to carry out Servicing. repairs and MOT’s in classes 4,5 and 7 up to 3500kg on the premises,with complete efiiciency. Making us The areas one stop Auto Repair Shop!


Did you know that the extended intervals on modern vehicles combined with synthetic oil can damage your vehicle! This is because although modern synthetic oils offer great protection & can extend the life of an engine, they can rot the oil filters if left unchanged for extended periods. So if your vehicle does not reach its required service time stated by the manufacture, or by the onboard service light within a year, please make sure that you get the oil changed, because if it is left, it can in many cases as we have seen cause thepaper oil filters to break up causing major and unnecessary expense.


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